A thought crossed my mind

Since having Ava, I started school back yesterday. I should say that I started going back to classes and not just online. Many people came up and asked me how the new baby was doing. I told them that she was doing fantastic and was already 3 months old, and I was just loving life. Everything was good.

As I was riding home last night (in my nice and quiet car with no kids), a thought crossed my mind. This thought comes very frequently; almost daily. What if I had lost her? Could you imagine having to answer those questions when coming back to school? This thought comes and goes because I know of a friend of a friend who lost their newborn in November due to a rare infection. How does she do it? I pray quite regularly for that couple and ask God to ease their pain and help them through this horrible time, but I never really stopped and thought of how hard it really must be for them. This opened my eyes. Very wide.

So, I write this morning to thank God for blessing me with my children no matter what obstacles are given to us. I thank Him for giving me Ava and taking care of her. It may be harder and more stressful with her situation, but it could definitely have gone another way. Thank you. And thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and support. Without friends and family, life would be a hundred times more difficult. Probably impossible.
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