My Calling

Well, I believe it was meant to be. I have verbally accepted the role of leading up the chapter for the South Carolina for th ePediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation, Inc (PHF for short). I don't think I have been excited about like this in a very long time! I keep checking my email hourly waiting on the next step....even though it is the weekend and no one is really working:) That just shows you how I feel about this. So, the website is Check it out and read what the Illions have started and conquered so far. I can't wait to be a part of this and see what awareness I can bring and what funds I can contribute to finding a cure or at least a more reliable way to live with this lifelong condition.

Now to the family, everyone is doing well! I believe that Ava was intently watching me eat my waffle this morning....GREAT SIGN! Looks like we may be on track to start cereal in the next few weeks! She also loves to smile and talk. She is definitely the social butterfly of the family and will make a great spokesperson for her cause:) We have a neuro follow up tomorrow, we start the physical therapy process and Wednesday and we switch Early Intervention specialists in the next couple of weeks so that she can receive vision therapy as well. So far so great! Thank you Lord for all that you have given us and her!

For Tyler, he is welll.....a 2 year old. We are trying to get through the "temper tantrum" phase before I completely lose my mind. Other than that, he is smart, energetic and a fantastic big brother. We are taking him to see Mickey Mouse next week which is his FAVORITE cartoon. The only one he will really sit and watch. I am curious if he will actually go near Mickey or not since he has Michael's fear of characters (including Santa - that was a disaster!). I will definitely get lots of pictures!

As always, thanks for keeping up with the Pierce's, and thanks for the prayers. I will be in touch soon with more information on my new undertaking and on Ava's appointments.
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