As long as it is not bad news

Today was our first physical therapy session, and it went pretty well. Ava was very cooperative which just amazes me. The lady comes in, strips the poor child down to her diaper and proceeds to mess with her hands, feet, head, etc. She flops her on her side, tummy, back and if she could have she probably would have hung her upside down! And Ava just smiled at her and cooed away. It was too cute! Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful that the therapist was here, and I believe she did a wonderful job working with her and testing her strength.
Ava has hypertonia which is increased muscle tone. This is usually seen the opposite way as in low muscle tone, so the therapist was watching her extra closely. All of the "red flags" that she was looking for Ava did not have. Whew! She still needs the therapy, but her situation could have been much, much worse. I will take that as good news and run with it!
Her neuro check up was yesterday, and her head circumference is right on track with a normal baby. Actually, it is perfect; riding right along the 50th percentile. So, the shunt is set at the correct pressure. Her height shot up to the point where the neuro took a double take at the chart. She is excelling at something:)
 I will take this week as progress in the right direction!
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