I really need to get on more!

Wow. I just looked at my last post date and realized that it was a month ago! Gosh, where does time go?! So, as I have promised over and over again I will do my best to post more. My goal is at least weekly....we will see how that goes:)

I am trying to get up a link to where I can share all of these great photos I have. My photo sizes are large, so it is taking forever. but I hope to have some up for you to see in the next day or so. I would say this afternoon, but I am taking Tyler for his swim lesson. I am trying to see if I can scar him for life. Well, the other moms in the pool area probably think so since my little guy cried the entire 30 minute lesson last week. Yep, the instructor said "Is this Tyler?" I said yes, and she grabbed him up and told me to be back in 30 minutes. Well, no mom just walks out, so I went and filled out my paperwork out at the front desk then came back in (but I stood out of Tyler's sight). I saw him crying and flipping out every time she turned him on his back. He would yell "Get out! Pees. Get Out!" I was so hurt, but I let it continue. Then, at the end he got out and calmed down. After I warmed him up and got control again, I asked him if he wanted to come back next week, and he said yes. So, I am going to torture him again at his choice, of course. I will keep you posted on how this afternoon goes.

As for Ava, well she is just amazing. I will come back to give you a more detailed update, but she is a hoot. She had the giggles last night. Everything I did she just had the gut wrenching laugh like it was the funniest thing she had ever seen! It brought tears to my eyes to see how happy and giddy she was. I really need a video camera. Maybe I can talk Michael into splurging...hehe. Ava is going for her 1st MRI since birth next Thursday. They will have to sedate her and also intubate her, so I am a little (maybe more than a little!) nervous about this. But I am also extremely curious to see what her brain looks like now that the fluid is under control. Her first MRI showed nothing but black with thin, thin lines in the middle and the edges of brain. I cannot describe my thoughts on that first MRI, but as Ava can prove the brain is an unpredictable and amazing organ. I will work on getting a before and after pic if I can figure out how. Don't hold your breath though.

I will be back soon with photos and more updates of my first support group meeting I hosted as well as whatever else I can muster up to remember (which isn't much these days).
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