my new obsession

So, I have been busy lately doing so much including setting up South Carolina's 1st pediatric hydrocephalus support group meeting, taking two classes in school, raising two kids (of course, duh) and juggling doctor appts/therapy sessions/etc. But in the meantime, I have found a new love. My new obsession.
It's called wrapping. With two kids now, grocery store trips and quick runs to stores and such do not constitute lugging my 200lb (that is what it feels like) double jogging stroller for the simplest of things. So, I bought a carrier. I used it at Disney and while it was nice and convenient, it wasn't the most comfortable. So, impatient me started a new journey.....I bought a wrap. It is a 15ft piece of fabric that I tie around Ava and me so that she can hang out on my back or sleep on my chest. I can grocery shop with two hands, go shopping with one stroller (definitely not letting Tyler run wild just yet) and carry her around while at the park and such. It is time consuming to tie and learn, but it is the best thing ever! And there are so many wraps to choose from.....and I want them all. Or maybe just a handful....hehe. So, I just wanted to share this because I have never enjoyed something so much and wish that I would have known about this with Tyler. It is the most comfortable, cuddly, secure, motherly thing that is out there. (sorry about the lighting. The wrap is much prettier and brighter than this)
Thanks for listening to me rave about my new obsession. If for some reason Michael starts acting like he's broke and needs to start selling a car or an organ, I had nothing to do with it!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    That is really neat Mandy!!! I love reading your posts. We love Ms. Ava and little Tyler-man. :)