Trip to Biltmore

So, Michael has been asking for some time now to get away. Ideally, he would have preferred a cruise or something along that line, but he knew that I would not be way from my children that long:) So, he settled for a weekend trip to the mountains.

We went a couple of weeks ago and actually had a relaxing, fun time. Not to say that I didn't think that would happen, but put it this way: he was making bets that I would make him turn around by Orangeburg to go get the kids. He lost that bet though. And the tip couldn't have come at more perfect timing. I was starting to get swallowed in Ava's situation, and I was really beginning to stress and worry again as some little newer issues were brought to our attention earlier in the week. I was hesitant on leaving her and Tyler, but I knew I needed to regroup. And that I did.

We left on a Friday morning and spent a day and a half at the Biltmore in Asheville. I should clarify that we did not stay at the Biltmore as we would have had to pawn one of the children for that stay. We then drove some of the Blue Ridge Parkway to Mount Mitchell which is the highest point east of the Misissippi. At least that is what the sign said. We also ate at a nice restaurant that was recommended by our neighbors, Tupelo Honey. If anyone is in Asheville, breakfast and dinner were excellent there! Yep, we ate there twice.

So, in all we had a wonderful and relaxing time. If you have never been to the Biltmore, I highly recommend a trip. Here is a link to a few photos we took as well as a few random pictures that I forgot to add to the last post.
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