April so far.........so good!

Well, it has been some time since my last post. I promise to get better at this. Sometimes, I just don't know what to write, but I need to just type...like I am doing today:)

Ava is currently yelling at me because she is done playing on her mat. She doesn't usually cry, but she yells like she is this 15 year old telling me what to do! It is actually kind of funny because she has this attitude already. She is doing well. We went to see an ednocrinologist last week just for precautionary reasons (because she was diagnosed with her optic nerve hypoplasia, it tends to affect the pituitary gland in many cases). Everything looks good, but they drew blood to do further testing just in case. I was sure that was going to be a scream fest for Ava, but the child curled her lip then started chatting with the nurse! No tears! These babies are just plain amazing. I want to cry when I get blood drawn! So, I will keep you posted on those results. She is also supposed to go for an MRI (check up) next month sometime. She will have to be sedated for that, so I am a little nervous about that. But I really am curious to see what her MRI looks like since the last one she had was at birth which showed all fluid and barely any brain. Talk about discouraging, but it the brain is an amazing thing. And the way she is developing, just shows how umpredictable and even more amazing that organ is.

Tyler is doing extremely well. He managed to tangle himself in his sheet last night like a big rope and fell out of bed. I came running in and couldn't help but start laughing because I just have no idea how he got like that. It was like he wrestled an alligator or something! Anyway, he was fine and went right back to sleep. As for potty training, well, he is officially a big boy.....poopies and and all! That's right. He does it all on the potty now and goes without any help (I am still the master wiper though..hehe). He doesn't even have accidents at night! But I am still not ready to take him out of pull-ups at night yet. I know, more of a security for me than him. But it keeps me sane. So, I continue.

He also went to the air show with Michael on Saturday. He came back and told me all about how they were "really, really loud". He is just too cute. And with Michael working so much lately (70+ hours a week), I think Tyler really enjoyed his time with his daddy.

Well, Ava is going to go hoarse if I don't go over there and get her. I promise to be back sooner this time! Oh, and I will try to get a link up with some photos in the next day or so. Keep a lookout!
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