A little progress

So, I have actually been productive in working on foundation stuff lately. I called Wild Wing Cafe (at Oakland in Mt. Pleasant) recently to see if they did any type of fundraising. It was meant to be. I got the most wonderful manager on the phone who was truly interested in my cause, and he agreed to make Wednesdays "Spirit Night" for the Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation in the month of July. This means that he will donate 20% of their sales EACH WEDNESDAY for the whole month of July. That is awesome!! I am so excited that this will be my first fundraiser for the foundation. Once I get this under my belt, I will be ready to take on another one:)
I am also planning on traveling in September to DC. The founders of the foundation are very big into trying to get more funding and research done by the government, and they really hit Washington hard and frequently working to get support from congress. They were able to get a Caucus started last year, and they were also successful in getting the month of September to be Hydrocephalus Awareness Month. This September they have been granted access to speak on behalf of the PHF in front of Congress to try and get more funding and support. They are doing a phenomenal job up there, and my goal is to go help support by standing behind them when they speak.

So, this is what I have been up to. Now, the kids. Ava is doing really well. She is starting to sit on her own, but she still loses her balance quite a bit. She isn't ready to be without a spotter....yet. Anytime now, though:) She is also doing extremely well with her left hand. She wasn't opening it much, and she used to keep her thumb tucked in, but now it looks normal! Well, just about. She still turns her hand outward some, so that is what we will work on next.
Tyler is just great! I can't remember if I have updated you on potty training, but he is fully done. At night time and all! He has been this way for months now. It has been a blessing that he was so easy to work with! But the fun starts now. He uses it against me. For example, last night at bedtime he uses the potty and brushes his teeth. Then, I tuck him in, and I put a gate at the door (yes, I contain him in his room). Five minutes later he needs to go poop, then pee, and finally he is thirsty. After weeks of tending to his demands (the potty ones), I decided to put my foot down. So, last night he proceeds to push every little drop of pee he can muster out of his little bladder into his "underpants." (which was not a lot by the way - he had just peed!). So, he is learning to use it as a tactic to get out of bedtime. Ah, what fun. But I still love that little munchkin...more than he will ever know. Even if sometimes I wish he had an OFF button.
My beautiful kids!!! I didn't know you could love something so much!
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